No Trademark for Dia del los Muertos

Dia del los Muertos Merchandise
Dia del los Muertos Merchandise

In case you missed this bit of trademark overreach, Disney attempted to register the name “Dia del los Muertos”, for merchandise rights from an upcoming Pixar movie. Trouble is, that’s the name of the traditional Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” and trademarking a cultural holiday is a no-no. In the face of social media backlash, Disney withdrew the application. In the end, the film “The Book of Life”, a fantasy-adventure set against a Mexican “Day of the Dead” backdrop and directed by Mexican-born Jorge Gutierrez, is beating Pixar to theatres with its debut this week.


Ultimate in Brand Extension

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An ever-increasing number of major corporations are using their corporate trademarks and brands to build marketing visibility for their core brand by licensing its use in non-core business. Nowhere is this more evident than in South Florida with this latest in luxury brand extensions.