Brand Management,
Development, and
Licensing Services

NewTack Strategies (NTS) takes a holistic approach to brand development, management, extension, and licensing. Strategic brand extension through licensing is a powerful force in steering a property to success. Licensing is a marketing and brand extension tool that takes a legally protected entity and grows the brand into new businesses through strategic partnerships.

  • In a marketplace that is both highly segmented and fragmented, brand extension is a credible tool for communication.
  • The right brand extension creates authenticity, freshness, and excitement in consumers.
  • The best licensing relationships enhance perceived image and generate revenues.
  • The right combination of licensee and licensor increases the popularity and profitability of the brands involved.

  • NTS collaborates with property owners to strategically extend their brands into new product categories and promotions.
  • NTS reviews your organization, goals, products, marketing efforts, and retail presence.
  • NTS acts as the liaison between its client and the licensee or licensor, becoming your marketing representative as we identify opportunities, analyze the commercial potential, negotiate contracts, and manage the overall process.

NewTack Strategies also provides Brand Management, Public Relations, and Marketing Consulting, using our expertise to put together the resources you need to put your brand on the right course. Whether it’s bringing you the best visual creative, public relations program, a special event, or related marketing services to guide you towards your goal, we’re here to steer your brand to success.