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Norman Thelwell ™

One of the most popular cartoonists in Britain, Norman Thelwell is best known for his humorous illustrations of ponies and horses, and all things relating to the countryside. He was a master of sharp social commentary, but his work is perhaps most synonymous with little girls and their fat ponies. Thelwell was also a serious landscape artist, painting in watercolor and oils. With an art library of more than 1,000 images, his timeless humor is still very recognizable today, and much beloved by the equestrian world and particularly with young horse lovers.

Fans will laugh along with Thelwell’s invaluable advice to aspiring equestrians on how to get into the saddle…and stay there. The
adventures of Penelope and her comic pony Kipper are current for a new generation of young riders while enjoying nostalgic appeal for their parents.

With millions of Americans involved in the equestrian industry and millions more following equestrian sports, now is the time for
companies to add this newly available art as part of their product mix or for promotional use supporting equine-related products.

Each cartoon is illustrated with sharp clarity and zany humor and translates well on to a wide range of products including apparel,
giftware, home décor, stationery and collectibles – even feed and
performance products. The artwork of Norman Thelwell is now
available for licensing in the Americas and The Caribbean exclusively through NewTack Strategies.


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